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Rotary cutter
Typ S109D-57Q

The sheeter takes a web of single-face corrugated, slits and trims it, cuts it, shingles and conveys the sheets to the automatic non-stop down-stacker for production of pallets of single-face corrugated sheets. An economical method to produce single-face corrugated sheets from a web, i.e. for sheet-to-sheet laminating, etc. The sheeter was designed for cutting single face corrugated as well as solid board up to 500 gsm.

Special features are:
• high accuracy and speed, combined with  ease of operation, minimum maintenance and quick
• two rotary knife cylinders, direct driven. The servo drive is connected to the knife cylinder directly.
• helical cut-off knife system; easy and quick knife adjustments.
• knife set-up by microprocessor control eliminates waste and causes a high cutting accuracy.
• no slip infeed of the single face corrugated web by vacuum belt feeding. Web drive by a separate A.C. 
• standard equipped with 3 slitting knifes (pneumatic knife holders) for longitudinal shear cut.
• unwind unit (reel stand) model AR.D/…._2 for two single face corrugated reels. Different reel stands   
   for different material are available – on request.
• manual sheet stacking system is available: shingling unit with simple delivery table for manual
• most advanced fully automatic sheet stacking system consisting of a shingling unit as well as an
  automatic non-stop down stacker for accurate sheet stacking to a pallet.
• automatic pallet inserter available as an option.
• the sheeter could be used for off-line (sheeting reels) as well as inline production.
  Inline production: running the sheeter inline with a single facer (corrugator) a dancer roller system for  
  synchronizing both machines is necessary.

Technical data:

Maximum Reel / Web Width: 
1,500 mm (59”)  /  1,650 mm (65”)  /  1,820 mm (72”)  /  2,000 mm (78¾°)

Cut-Off Length: 

min. 500 mm; max. 1,650 mm (64”), 2,000 mm (78¾°) on request

Cut-Off Accuracy:
+/- 1.0 mm (0.04”)

Maximum (Linear) Web Speed:
150 meters / minute

Electrical Power Requirement:
up to approx. 40 kW, 400 volts, 50 cycles, 3 phase + neutral + earth  (standard)

single face corrugated board b-flute, e-flute, f-flute, g-flute, solid board on request up to 500gsm


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